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2020 has been an awakening year for the world. Monumental changes have taken place both at the global and personal level. The professional has not been left behind in the ravage that the COVID 19 pandemic continues to leave behind.

A halt to the global economy due to lockdown measures and an almost shut down in some sectors has led to the loss of jobs, fewer clients for professional services, and low returns. Few have seen a positive change in fortunes.

As people begin to pick themselves up with measures in place that have made it certain that business may never return to the usual, there are certain gains that have emerged that should never be lost. In fact, certain gains should be encouraged and enhanced. This dark cloud has a silver lining too.

Perhaps the most important gain that has been made has been the leap forward towards personal development and wellbeing. Where people generally used New Year resolutions to make strides forward and the occasional personal resolution to improve certain aspects of their lives, the COVID 19 pandemic brought real need, opportunity, and time for reflection and planning.

Long stays at home have made people appreciate the need for more comfortable spaces to live in. Many have made improvements in their living spaces. The health risk associated with the virus made many conscious of their health; more people have taken up exercise and more have made better health choices in their consumption.

The closure of schools made eLearning the only possible form of instruction; millions of students, teachers, and parents have for the first time had experience in eLearning and many will never go back to the old normal.

Professional development became encouraged and long lagging development opportunities suddenly got uptake. Many professionals have taken up online classes, some have attended webinars and many more have found an online resource or tool that has inevitably increased their knowledge, skills, or productivity.

Zoom, previously a lagging tool is now ubiquitous. It has allowed professional associations to hold virtual annual general meetings that have had thousands of members in attendance where before attendance used to be in the hundreds. Lawyers are able to attend court virtually in different towns in a single day where before adjournments would have been sought.

In the midst of these changes, losses, uncertainties, and apprehension, it is easy to lose track of the monumental gains made in personal improvement. New habits have been learned and enforced. It is imperative that we seek to encourage and build them towards the future. Years, if not decades, of personal and professional development initiatives, have been achieved in months. The old normal is in many ways, a thing of the past.

Professional learning and development has also been jolted to the future. Deployment of learning and development at the workplace was faced with its biggest obstacle with stay and work-at-home measures.

New ways and tools of learning and development were adopted. Professional organizations have had to keep their Continuing Professional Development programs running in new and innovative ways.

In fact, the number of CPD events have been considerably more than when they were limited to physical assembly for participation. Non accredited CPD has also proliferated with numerous initiatives by subject matter experts all over the place.

Setting up your professional goals and taking the steps you need to actualize them is now much easier than before. If anything, many more people are now quite clear about what they want to achieve in their professional lives in the short, mid, and long term.

In the context of these gains, it is absolutely important for the professional to have tools that help them set up their goals, scour what opportunities are available, book the ones they would like to participate in, and manage and track all activity from one tool. A one-stop-shop for CPD management.

Once goals are set up, say for example network more, learn a new skill, enhance a skill you already have, find a new job or start your own practice, managing and tracking this process now becomes the critical part of the goal.

ApexCPD is such a tool and resource. We list for you all CPD opportunities both accredited and non-accredited, allow you to schedule and book them at one go, set up reminders, help you list other activities you may have attended while offering you short courses you can take at your own time and pace. A progress bar allows you to view how far you have gone and how far you are yet to go.

Short courses are also a key feature of ApexCPD. While events, seminars, and forums introduce you to new ideas and trends in the profession, short courses allow you to go deeper and actually gain knowledge and competence in these subjects.

Where events limit you to general information on certain topics, short courses allow you to specialize either through a subcategory or through levels. Short courses are easily adaptable to either beginner, intermediate, expert, or area of specialization.

Professional development is also an opportunity to develop beyond the scope CPD points may take you. Indeed, some goals may not be achieved within the structure of CPD programs. This should not be a limiting factor.

With a tool that allows you access to these opportunities, a whole new world of possibility opens up for you. It is our mission to help you grow professionally by giving you the tools, resources, and opportunity access to make your new normal achievable. What would you like to achieve this year?



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