What Next? Turn your Webinar Into a Short Course

Seven months ago, you probably had no plans of hosting a webinar. Perhaps it was not something you knew much about. Twenty-eight weeks later, you may have hosted a few, participated in others, and are planning to get involved in several more. You know the best platforms to host, their pricing plan, and the etiquette required while online.

Webinars have been a great revelation and new tool to engage our customers and attract others to our offering. They are a good teaching tool and a discussion forum. Other times they feel like a great brainstorm and you wish there was more time and content available.

You have recorded your webinars and they are hosted somewhere and those who did not get a chance to attend can access them on demand. All in all, it is highly likely that you have built more content in the last seven months than you previously had in years.

You have established your expertise, created sales leads, and built your brand value through the webinars.

What next? How about you now turn that webinar into a short course?

A short course is a learning programme that gives you combined content or specific skills training in a short period of time. Short courses often lean towards the more practical side of things and have less theory than a university course – this gives you more hands-on experience within your field of interest.

If someone has participated in a webinar in the last seven months, they have probably taken an online short course as well or looked at one. They definitely know someone going through eLearning at the moment, perhaps a colleague, a child or a friend. Short courses, like webinars, have had a whole new life.

The webinars you have hosted have been more like brainstorms. You gather experts together with a lead who takes your audience through a presentation and then a question and answer session ends it all. In the process of presentation and interaction, so much is discussed but hardly in-depth. New insights are generated but they can hardly be explored. In the end, there are more leads as to what the audience would like, and this can hardly be covered by another webinar. Enter the short course.

Webinars are a great focus group. They have allowed you to know what your audience really wants to learn about. Now it is time to take it further and even offer a certificate for that short course.

How about you put all the presentations at your webinar together, note the audience needs from the question and answer, and now go deeper into the content and present it as a short course?

ApexCPD will be happy to assist you along the path. We will give you the resources you need in order to plan, structure, and develop a course that meets your target audience’s learning and development needs. We will host your content on our Learning Management System and help you reach a larger audience. With a short course, you can now monetize your content as well.

Doesn’t this sound like a great What Next?

Contact us at train@apexcpd.com or call us at 0777217603 and we’ll be happy to help you along the way.


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